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Tropical Storm Matthew Heads for Honduras

Tropical Storm Matthew is now officially a thing. Reportedly, Tropical Storm Matthew is moving to the west at a speed of 16 mph, and will continue through Friday and into Saturday.

Matthew is heading for Central America and the center of the storm is expected to approach the region near the border between Nicaragua and Honduras by late Friday or early Saturday..

Meanwhile, a trough of low pressure will sweep across the U.S. over the next few days, breaking down a ridge of high pressure to the north of Matthew.

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Guatemala Sinkhole Crater Stuns World

This photograph was posted today showing a seemingly bottomless sinkhole that opened up on Sunday in Guatemala City after Central America was devastated by tropical storm Agatha. The sinkhole, located in an intersection, swallowed a three-story building but no injuries were reported. The storm only briefly hit tropical storm stregnth on Saturday as it came ashore from the Pacific Ocean over the weekend, but the death doll is at 115.

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Tropical Storm Danny Gains Momentum

Holy tropical storms, Batman! Ana, Bill, Claudette, Felicia – there have been so many tropical storms lately, we at Sustainability Ninja just can’t keep up. Now, residents of the Bahamas and the Southeastern United States should be on guard, as Danny formed today east of the Bahamas, with winds near 45 miles per hour as of 11 a.m. EDT. The storm is reportedly supposed to strengthen.

Currently, Danny is headed for the Bahamas, lying about 445 miles east of Nassau, and about 775 miles off the US coast at North Carolina. It is predicted that Danny might make a move towards the northwest and the US coast on Friday. It has been reported that Danny could reach hurricane status early Saturday, placing the storm near the North Carolina and Virginia coastlines.

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Tropical Storm Claudette Advances Toward Florida Panhandle

It’s officially hurricane season, folks. This NOAA satellite image shows Tropical Storm Claudette located about 75 miles south-southeast of Apalachicola Florida. Claudette, the third of the Atlantic hurricane season, formed in the eastern Gulf of Mexico on Sunday and is rapidly moving toward the Florida panhandle.

Heavy rainfall and harsh winds have begun to move across the northern Gulf Coast of Florida.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Ana, located about 430 miles southeast of the Leeward Islands continues advancing westward toward the Leeward Islands.

“We may see some heavy rains as a result, but we don’t expect any high winds or coastal flooding,” said John Dosh, manager of Emergency Management. “This event is a good example of how quickly a tropical storm can develop. We won’t always have a lot of warning. This is why citizens need to be prepared throughout hurricane season.”

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Tropical Storm Ana Not a Hurricane Yet

Tropical storm Ana has formed over the Atlantic and is headed for South Florida. Earlier this morning it was positioned 1,010 miles east of the Leeward Islands and has been moving west at 16 mph. The National Hurricane Center in Miami said Ana could trigger a tropical storm watch for parts of the Leeward Islands later today. Tropical Storm Ana could become Hurricane Ana, covering a wide area and produce large amounts of rain. Ana could hit Miami, Cuba and South Carolina or anywhere inbetween the large, 800-mile region that is Hurricane Alley – or Ana could just die out before hitting land. Moreover, the track likely will shift over the next few days.

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Tropical Storm Felicia to Hit Hawaii

Hawaii is bracing itself for a big ass storm named Felicia that is slated to hit the tropical state later today. High surf warnings are in effect for the eastern-facing shores, with waves expected to reach as high as 18 feet.

“We want to minimize our first responders having to go out unnecessarily, especially with 10- to 15-foot surf expected on the east-facing shores,” Big Island Mayor Billy Kenoi told the Honolulu Advertiser.

However, the good news is that the tropical storm may be downgraded by the time it hits the island of Hawaii later today, according to KITV 4 meteorologist Justin Fujioka. Tracks located Felicia traveling north of the Big Island and is expected to hit Oahu on Tuesday.

The weather center said, “Felicia is expected to produce extremely heavy rainfall with the potential for widespread flash flooding, increasing on Tuesday and continuing into Wednesday.”

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