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Oprah Goes Camping at Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is about to get a whole lot of publicity. Yes, the Queen of the media, Oprah Winfrey, is dedicating two whole shows to her visit to Yosemite National Park with her bff, Gayle King.

Winfrey noted that African-Americans don’t typically visit national park (than 2 percent of national park visitors) and at the invitation of Yosemite Ranger Shelton Johnson, an African-American who hopes to lure more African-Americans to the parks, decided to use her show to boost African American tourism.

Shelton started with a letter in 2004 asking her to film a show from Yosemite to peak the interest of the African American audience and this month, Oprah surprised Shelton by pulling up in a trailer alongside her longtime friend, Gayle King.

“To get her attention to not only respond to me, she’s responding to what I’m saying. She’s seeing that here we are in one of the most beautiful places in the world and a chunk of our population does not visit places like this and it’s a problem,” said Johnson. “It’s a problem in the sense that all Americans own the national park, but not all Americans are here. And she heard that and wanted to do something.”

Rangers wanted Oprah to have an authentic camping experience, so she made her own campfire, cooked her own meals, mingled with other campers and even paid for her camping spot.

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Oprah Rigs Votes Against Zach Anner

Oprah is under fire today for hating the handicapped, according to Google Trends. Yes, strange we know. Oprah has been holding video auditions for the next reality show star, awarding whoever earns the most votes, their own reality show. Zach Anner, a man with Cerebral Palsy had suggested hosting a travel show for people who may have difficulty with mobility – and had a huge lead in votes for an entire week. See his audition video. However, in the span of 20 minutes, a contestant named Dr. Phyllis scored more than 300,000 votes, suddenly taking the lead and prompting the rumor that Oprah’s contest is rigged.

Anner is a former University of Texas student and has hosted television shows in the past.

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Oprah Winfrey Peddles Evil KFC Coupons

Oprah Winfrey is handing out KFC coupons amid KFC’s campaign to “Unthink What You Thought About KFC.” Kentucky Fried Chicken is promoting the meal it has been serving for 50 years by allowing customers to download coupons for a free two-piece Kentucky Grilled Chicken meal.

The problem is that Oprah, who earned the title of Peta’s 2008 person of the year, is teaming up with one of the cruelest fast food chains in the industry. She also had a special last year on the “dark side of chicken farming,” and KFC is a notorious offender of this, with millions of  the birds bred every year dying before slaughter from illnesses or cramped conditions.

Dawn Carr, director of Peta Europe, said: “KFC is the world’s largest killer of chickens, and as such has a responsibility to treat these birds humanely. Nearly 800 million chickens are killed every year in the cruellest ways imaginable. Although our ultimate aim is for people to go vegetarian, we are calling on KFC to implement some welfare standards and make life a little bit better for these birds.”

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Ed Begley Jr. to Showcase Eco-Friendly Home on Oprah

Environmental heroes Ed Begley Jr. and his wife Rachelle Carson will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey show tomorrow, April 29.

Oprah will be interviewing Rachelle in studio while Ed gives a tour of their home via Skype. According to Wikipedia, the Begley home is 1,585 square feet and utilizes solar power, wind power via a PacWind vertical-axis wind turbine; an air conditioning unit cooled by Greenway Design Group, LLC.; an electricity generating bicycle used to toast bread, and he pays around $300 a year in electric bills.

The couple currently have a reality show about green living called Living With Ed on Planet Green.

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Oprah to Air Earth Day Special

Oprah Winfrey will air her special green episode in celebration of Earth Day tomorrow. On the show, Oprah will spotlight trash disposal, ocean pollution, and offer viewers tips for going green.

“In honor of our Earth, I love her, I’m asking all of you today to implement just one green idea to help the fight against global warming,” Oprah says.

Oprah was voted greenest celebrity in the world alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in a poll by and It was found that Mariah Carey was the least environmentally friendly celebrity, who constantly flies her personal trainer from the Caribbean to New York to keep her in shape.

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Oprah Uses Twitter to Donate Malaria Nets

Oprah has jumped on the ever-popular Twitter train.

Recently, Ashton Kutcher  used Twitter to raise money for fighting malaria and both CNN as well as Ryan Secrest announced that they would be matching Kutcher’s donation of 10,000. Seacrest Twittered that he wanted Oprah and P. Diddy match those donations, and Oprah, not to be outdone by any celebrity, joined Twitter today and announced that she would be donating 20,000 nets.

Winfrey posted her first Tweet during The Oprah Winfrey Show today, which featured Kutcher and Evan Williams, the Twitter CEO.

“Our Oprah’s Friday live shows are always about what is making headlines and what is in the news, so we wanted to talk to Ashton Kutcher about his quest for 1 million Twitter followers and the challenge with CNN,” said Don Halcombe, a spokesperson for Harpo Productions. “I think [Oprah’s participation] evolved as part of that conversation and it made more sense to talk about [Twitter] through actually participating in that technology.”

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Oprah Visits Australian Rainforest to Feature Aboriginal Women

Oprah Winfrey is headed to an Australian rainforest for an upcoming special on her meeting with an Aboriginal tribe, which will draw national attention to their culture and spirituality. The Kuku Yalanji consider themselves true rainforest people who live in harmony with the environment. Their culture has always involved a deep respect for nature and an intimate knowledge of its cycles.

Oprah will head to a rainforest in Northern Australia to feature 16-year-old Tahlia Burchill, one of three Kuku Yalanji women interviewed by Oprah for a segment entitled Beauty Around the World. Apparently, the talk show queen is “blown away by her.”

Tahlia was recommended to Oprah’s company Harpo Productions for the segment by Terry Maloney, who with his wife Cathy runs Daintree EcoLodge and Spa, an award-winning eco lodge, which employs Kuku Yalanji people on its staff and incorporates indigenous knowledge into its spa treatments, art classes and interpretive walks.

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