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The Jellyfish Wind Turbine Finalist in Google Project

The Jellyfish is a 36-inch-tall rooftop wind turbine that you plug right into any outlet and generate up to 40 kWh a month. The Jellyfish is currently a finalist in Google’s Project10tothe100, where people were asked to submit videos that will change the world for the better for a shot at $10 million.

“For me, so many of these [wind] systems just aren’t practical,” inventor Chad Maglaque told the Seattle Times, referring to expenses and inspections with standard wind turbines. “I should be able to go down to Costco and pick one up by a big jar of mayonnaise.”

Although the deadline for submissions is up, you can still get inspired by voting for your favorite ideas, which you can do on March 17.

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Video: Jay Leno on Enviro Energies Home Wind Turbine

Jay Leno discusses with Ken Johnson of Enviro Energies about their Mag Wind, home turbine. It is a fairly interesting video to learn about some of the technology involved, if you can get past Leno’s antics.

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Designer Phillippe Starck’s Home Wind Turbine

Philippe Starck has recently decided to come out of retirement and save the world. After declaring that “design is dead” and that “everything he had ever designed was useless” he’s now churning out plans and details for objects of sustainable design. Working with the Pramac energy group, the first off the drawing board is a home mini wind turbine designed for people to use at home to generate their own wind power.

The mini-turbine is made of clear polycarbonate, is available in stainless steel, signal orange, or transparent, and is capable of providing 20-60% of the power needs for the average home.

Starck has dubbed it the “Democratic Ecology” personal wind turbine and it made its inaugural debut at the recent Greenenergy Design show in Milan, Italy.

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DIY Home Wind Turbine Kit

It’s a good sign that sustainable energy technology is catching on when the big box stores start carrying do-it-yourself wind turbine kits! Target has brought out this affordable, light, weatherproof cast aluminum wind generator for powering or charging. The DIY enthusiast will find it preey simple to install since it easily mounts on any sturdy pole or building.

Also worth mentioning is that Target claims this home wind turbine to be mostly maintenance free, with only a couple moving parts. The carbon fiber composite blades ensure low wind noise too, so you won’t be bothered by loud noise. If you’re ready for a build-it-yourself home wind turbine, this might be an excellent way to start making your home more sustainable.

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Wind Turbine Construction Video

Watch this new time-lapse video of the construction of 3 wind turbines at Bristol Port. The turbines will produce over 15 million units of new green electricity annually, enough to save around 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year for the next 30 years!

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Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine

Whether you live in a remote cabin up in the mountains or own a cookie cutter home in the city, the Air Breeze land turbine can turn those windy days into cash in your pocket. These small wind electrical systems deliver some serious energy that will help cut down on those outrageous electrical bills; enabling the Air Breeze turbine to pay for itself with the money you save.

The Air Breeze turbine energy system is great on it’s own or in combination with a solar PV system to produce countless hours of power to computers, lights, TVs, radios, tools and appliances. The Air Breeze wind power system is the most reliable system on todays market.

If you are interested in purchasing the Air Breeze Land Turbine; here is a site that sells it.

Air Breeze Turbine KitAir Breeze Turbine Up CloseAir Breeze Turbine on Land

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Swift Home Wind Turbine

The Swift Wind Turbine was developed by Renewable Devices in Scotland. The Swift engineers wanted to provide safe, clean energy for everyone. The Swift system is the world’s first rooftop wind turbine with unique, patented technologies for safe, efficient, and quiet operation. The emphasis of the Swift design has been focused on safety, reliability, and ease of operation, alongside the high-performance of this innovative system.

The Swift turbine is mounted on an aluminum mast with a minimum blade-roof clearance of approximately two feet. It is usually mounted at the highest point of a roof, in a position which benefits from maximum prevailing wind, but it will work effectively in almost any location. The Swift is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and quiet.

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