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Broken Icebergs Heading for New Zealand

Hundreds of icebergs have split off Antarctic ice shelves and are drifting toward New Zealand. This could be hazardous to ships in the south Pacific Ocean, officials said Tuesday. The closest one measuring about 30 yards tall, was 160 miles southeast of New Zealand’s Stewart Island.

Navigation warnings for the area south of the country have been issued by Maritime officials.

“It’s an alert to shipping to be aware these potential hazards are around and to be on the lookout for them,” Maritime New Zealand spokeswoman Sophie Hazelhurst said.

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Climate Depot Unveils Global Warming Scandal

Climate Depot has posted a story on their site about how a computer hacker broke into computers at Hadley CRU, Britain’s top institute for climate change, and released confidential emails that show top scientists manipulating global warming data.

The hacker, who is now believed to be an  insider who’s now blown the whistle, uncovered over 1,000 e-mails from the institution which may incriminate the science of global warming. Apparently, prominent scientists who have been pushing the man-made warming theory have been exaggerating and manipulating warming data. According to Climage Depot, the CRU director admits the e-mails appear genuine. Here is one below. See others here.

From: Phil Jones

To: ray bradley ,mann@XXXX, mhughes@XXXX

Subject: Diagram for WMO Statement

Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 13:31:15 +0000

Cc: k.briffa@XXX.osborn@XXXX

Dear Ray, Mike and Malcolm,

Once Tim’s got a diagram here we’ll send that either later today or first thing tomorrow.

I’ve just completed Mike’s Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (ie from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith’s to hide the decline. Mike’s series got the annual land and marine values while the other two got April-Sept for NH land N of 20N. The latter two are real for 1999, while the estimate for 1999 for NH combined is +0.44C wrt 61-90. The Global estimate for 1999 with data through Oct is +0.35C cf. 0.57 for 1998.

Thanks for the comments, Ray.



Prof. Phil Jones

Climatic Research Unit Telephone XXXX

School of Environmental Sciences Fax XXXX

University of East Anglia


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Greenpeace Hangs Global Warming Banner on Mount Rushmore

Greenpeace went out on a limb – or ledge today, hanging a giant, 65-foot banner over Mount Rushmore to draw attention to Climate Action. The banner read “America honors leaders not politicians: Stop Global Warming” and featured a half-finished portrait of President Obama.

The banner was up for almost an hour before being taken down early this afternoon.

Obama met G8 leaders in Italy today to discuss the global warming crisis as a preface to the UN climate treaty negotiations which are to take place in Copenhagen this December.

Greenpeace made it clear to the media that they respect American monuments.

Greenpeace wrote on their blog, “Global warming is an environmental crisis the likes of which we’ve never faced before, but so far, our leaders seem content to play politics with the issue. Yet, given the powerful forces who are actively working to delay action, addressing it adequately will require bold leadership, not political dealing. The banner hang on Mount Rushmore is intended to press President Obama to be a leader in establishing science-based global warming policy not just here in the U.S., but also internationally at the UN climate change discussions to be held in Copenhagen this December.”

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Burger King Gets Heat Over Global Warming Sign

Multiple franchises of the Burger King chain in Tennessee posted some odd signage, which claimed that “Global Warming is Baloney.”

Chris Davis, a local reporter for the Memphis Flyer, called one of the locations and asked whether the message on the sign reflected the beliefs of the Burger King franchise, or whether it was some sort of joke or mistake. After some waffling, the manager said that it wasn’t a mistake and did indeed reflect the opinions of Burger King International.

After some digging, Davis finally heard from Susan Robison, the vice president of corporate communications at the Burger King Corporation:

“This statement [Global Warming is baloney] does not reflect a Burger King Corp. (BKC) opinion or view. The two restaurants where these signs appeared are independently owned and operated and were not authorized to display this statement. The signs have since been removed. BKC believes in operating as a socially responsible company and is committed to making a positive impact in the communities where it lives and works.”

Davis found that the franchises displaying the signs were all owned by Mirabile Investment Corporation (MIC) that owns more than 40 Burger Kings across Tennessee. He tried to contact the company for comment but has yet to hear back.

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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Takes on Global Warming

We might have missed the boat on this one – so our apologies for the lack of “breaking news,” but we just came across a video of our personal hero, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. In this latest video, Triumph is interviewing several GOP congressmen on global warming.

In the interview, Triumph dominates these four douchebags saying,”Global warming was made up by over-earger scientists, you know, the same scientists who made up things like evolution and gravity.”

In conclusion: Triumph is our hero.

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There’s Still Time to Avoid Worst of Global Warming

Good news, world: A new scientific study has found that the worst case scenarios of global warming can still be avoided if the entire world cuts emission of greenhouse gases. If we follow the guidelines President Barack Obama and Europe have laid out, it’s not too late to avoid the dire predictions about global warming.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, looked at what would happen by the end of the century if greenhouse gas levels were cut by 70 percent via computer simulation.

Their findings, which will be published next week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, showed that although the world would still be a warmer, the damage would be by 2 degrees rather than 4 degrees, meaning the Arctic sea ice would still shrink, but not disappear. Moreover, sea levels would rise less than had previously been predicted, while droughts and floods can be avoided and heat waves would be 55 percent less intense.

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Robert Redford Calls for Clean Energy Era

Robert Redford recently penned an article for the Huffington Post entitled, “Balancing Renewable Energy Projects & Public Lands Stewardship,” in which he blames the Bush Administration for eight years of eight years of rampant oil and gas drilling on our lands. Redford says that now the Bush Administration is gone,  Americans need to begin the process of recognizing the need for clean energy.

“America is on the verge of a renewable energy gold rush. Hundreds of applications for wind and solar projects have been filed on public lands. I think this is long overdue. We need sustainable energy to help us reduce global warming pollution, and we need it fast. But if we don’t handle this boom carefully, unspoiled wildlands will get trammeled in its wake. Right now, we have an opportunity to start the clean energy era off right.”

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Religious Groups Going Green for Lent

Those of you who have given up chocolate, television or cursing for lent, good for you. However, many US Christians have been asked to do doing something more effective this year, something that will impact the environment rather than them personally.

Now Christians in the US who annually sacrifice something they love in the name of lent, are being asked to make sacrifices that will benefit the environment.

“It’s an insult to God, it’s a sin to spoil the environment, to hurt creation,” said Episcopalian pastor Reverend Sally Bingham, who is coordinating “The Regeneration Project,” an interfaith group of some 4,000 congregations looking for a religious response to global warming.

Christians are being called on to help reduce global warming also cut down on their Internet usage during Lent to pay tribute to the sacrifices Jesus made when he wandered the desert fro 40 days and 40 nights, beginning February 25 and ending on April 11 the day before Easter.

Green Lent was launched last year by two British Anglican bishops, who called for a “carbon fast” and asked people to either give up driving, turn down the heat or buy local.

Reverend Sally Bingham said, “We sent an email to the 30,000 people on our mailing list and we suggested tips to try to be as environmentally friendly as you can be.”

Another Catholic group, the St Paul Newman Center in Fresno, California, is organizing a “Lent program on global warming.”

“Lent is a time we focus on how we can really connect to God’s presence in our life and do something that is sacrificial. For us, it’s a look at how we care for the environment while sacrificing some comforts for ourselves,” said Mary Hetherington, who helps teach the program.

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French Spider-Man Alain Robert Scales Building at G20 Summit

As expected, the protesters were out in full force at Thursday’s G20 summit, where world leaders met to develop a cohesive economic strategy. However there was one protester who managed to steal the spotlight.

Alain Robert climbed the building without ropes or harnesses as part of a campaign to draw attention to global warming. Known as the French Spider-Man, Alain scaled a London insurance building to showcase a banner, which read one hundred The site’s homepage reads, “We have one hundred months to save our climate.  When the clock stops ticking, we could be beyond our climate’s tipping point, the point of no return.

Police said there had been 111 arrests, most of them Wednesday, when some protesters broke into the Royal Bank of Scotland building and vandalized the Bank of England building. Demonstrators protested both world poverty and climate change. Alain was among those arrested.

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Earth Hour 2009 Sees Darkend Bird’s Nest

Earth Hour 2009 has kicked off in some parts of the world and has already been touted a resounding success in Sydney harbor and Beijing.

The Earth Hour Web site reported that hundreds of people lined Sydney harbor to witness the dimming skyline at 8.30 p.m., the local time that nearly 4,000 participating cities around the world were (and are) expected to switch off non-essential lights. The famous Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing and the Water Cube were extinguished as 20 cities joined in – a blunt yet effective statement that we need to do something about climate change and global warming.

Other landmarks around the world that will dim their lights for Earth Hour are the Egyptian pyramids, Vatican, Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Acropolis in Athens and the Las Vegas casino strip.

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