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SIGG CEO Steve Wasik Apologizes for BPA

Steve Wasik, the CEO of Sigg water bottles has officially apologized for SIGG’s failure to disclose the presence of BPA in its liners.

Wasik took to the Huffington Post’s Green site to publically apologize for the guffaw.

He says, “As Chief Executive Officer of SIGG, a leading maker of reusable water bottles, I made a mistake when I decided not to announce that our old bottle liner contained trace amounts of bisphenol A. I learned about the liner’s content in 2006, when there was debate in the scientific community about the effects of BPA. Scientists lined up on both sides of the issue: Some said BPA posed potential health risks, others said BPA was perfectly safe.”

Wasik promises to: “Make it easy for consumers to exchange their old bottles for new, BPA-free SIGGs. You can still ship your old SIGGs to us via our voluntary exchange program. Or if you prefer to avoid shipping costs and lead time, you can make the exchange at your local SIGG retailer, most of whom are participating in the program. To make it easy, we will post on our website a list of these retailers.”

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Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of the year again. That time when you think about Mommy and how awesome she is.

And lucky for you, we’re doing the work for you by finding the greenest ways to tell you mom she rocks. There’s no better way to show your mom you love her than with Organic and eco-friendly flowers, gadgets or jewelry. For plant life and flowers, you can find everything you need at and they deliver in time for Mother’s Day.

If she’s the kind of woman who already has everything, donate to her favorite eco-charity. It could be a simple planting a tree, funding environmental research or helping out those furry friends over at the WWF.

If your mom is tech-savvy, check out all the enviornmentally-friendly gadgets over at Ecotech. If she likes bling, there’s also Pueblit, who design, distribute and wholesale eco friendly fair trade jewelry handmade by artisans in South America, using earth friendly and biodegradable materials.

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Kelly Ripa Launches Eco-Friendly Washer and Dryer

Kelly Ripa, recently launched Electrolux‘s newest eco-friendly washer and dryer in limited edition, “Kelly Green.”

The launch of Kelly Green also kicked off an online campaign to encourage people to plant a virtual flower for a friend on their website. For every flower planted, Electrolux will donate $1 to Global Green USA to support their healthy green schools initiatives across America.

With every flower planted, users are entered for a chance to win an eco-friendly washer and dryer from Electrolux in Kelly Ripa’s limited edition.

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Globe Guard Environmentally Friendly Packaging

I know that I always feel guilty when I order something online and it arrives wrapped in bubble wrap, covered with Styrofoam, filled with Styrofoam peanuts, and placed in a box ten times larger than needed.

Even though we can’t tell companies to go easy on their packaging procedures, we can do our part by placing items we send ourselves in more environmentally friendly products. Globe Guard packaging has now made this possible, offering a line of green corrugated and sustainable packaging materials available to consumers in the U.S.

Globe Guard® corrugated boxes are made from 100% post consumer waste material – far exceeding the recycled content of ordinary shipping boxes. Globe Guard® also offers mailers, shipping labels, stretch films, packaging papers, box sealing tapes and packaging dispensers.

To find out more about evironmentally friendly packaging, please visit Globe Guard’s industry leading blog, Inside Sustainable Packaging.

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Washington Residents Smuggle Environmentally Dirty Detergents

Residents of Spokane, Washington are having a dirty time of it with their dishes. Since July of 2008, dishwasher detergents containing phosphates have been banned in Spokane County – a ban that will go statewide in July 2010. However, residents are smuggling in less eco-friendly dishwater detergents from neighboring areas, because they say the phosphate-free detergents just don’t do the job.

The ban applies to the sale of phosphate detergent, not its use or possession, so those who smuggle are not in any legal trouble.

The smugglers are traveling to nearby Idaho to get their mits on brands like Cascade and Electrasol, as opposed to the brands now only sold in Spokane County such as Seventh Generation, Ecover and Trader Joe’s.

There must be a solution to this eco-friendly cleaning products problem – either people have to sacrifice their squeaky clean dishes, or someone’s gotta make a better product.

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Pamela Anderson to Launch Eco-Friendly Fashion Line ‘Muse’

Although celebrity fashion lines have been more “miss” than “hit,” Pamela Anderson is taking a whack at it – green style.

Anderson is teaming up with fashion designer Richie Rich for a line of environmentally-friendly fashion.

The line named “Muse” will be vegan and feature leather-free shoes and casual clothes, including hooded tops, skirts and swimwear.

“I really don’t like to wear clothes. I would rather go naked. But I love Richie’s designs, so I agreed to be part of Muse,” Anderson said.

Muse by Pamela Anderson and Richie Rich will debut this summer.

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Samsung Introduces Blue Earth, Solar Powered Cell Phone

Samsung unveiled Blue Earth today, the first touch screen, environmentally friendly smartphone that runs on solar power.

The solar powered smartphone can not only be charged through the solar panel on it’s back but also boasts a low energy and low carbon emission manufacturing process and a casing made from recycled water bottle plastic.

The Blue Earth and its five star energy efficient charger are both completely free of environmentally detrimental substances like Beryllium and Phthalate.

The eco-friendly phone has an energy-efficient mode, which reduces brightness and other settings to reduce energy consumption.

Even Blue Earth’s packaging comes from recycled paper.

Blue Earth represents a growing trend in eco-friendly gadgets. We can expect to see more green gadgets and phones like it on display at the Mobile World Congress that began today in Barcelona, Spain.

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Consumers Still Buying Eco-Friendly Products in Bad Economy

Are you buying green? If so, then you’re among the 82% of consumers who are also opting for eco-friendly products. Even with the economy tanking, a new study  by Green Seal and EnviroMedia Social Marketing and conducted by Opinion Research Corporation, shows that people are spending the extra cash to have a product that’s better for the environment.

“This research suggests that consumers are buying green products second only to participating in recycling,” said Arthur Weissman, Ph.D., Green Seal’s President and CEO. “This increased consumer demand sends a signal to manufacturers to produce products that are truly green.”

Hopefully this study will prompt companies into making their products more eco-friendly. It’s what the people want – and often, they are unsure whether they are getting it. The study also revealed that about one in three consumers say they don’t know how to tell if green product claims are true.

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