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Design Suzy Amis-Cameron’s Eco-Friendly Oscar Dress

It’s no secret that James Cameron is ecolicious and now, just in time for the upcoming Oscars, his lovely wife Suzy Amis Cameron is having another green competition for green designers to design her a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly dress to be worn on the red carpet.

The competition, entitled Red Carpet, Green Dress, also raises money for the MUSE Global program, which helps fund schools in Thailand for refugee children from Burma.

The winning designer not only gets the exposure of having their dress be a fixture on the Red Carpet at the 2011 Academy Awards, but a $2,000 cash prize, a four-night stay at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, a visit to MUSE headquarters, and an invitation to the Global Green pre-Oscar party.

Want to enter? Better hurry! The submission deadline is Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 5pm, Pacific Standard Time.

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Sexy NFL Cheerleaders Help BP Oil Spill: ‘Saving the Oceans’ Calendar

The NFL’s most eco-friendly cheerleaders are coming out with their third annual Saving the Oceans calendar. So if you like swimwear worn by NFL cheerleaders and saving the planet, this might just be the ticket for you.

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders will donate 10 percent of sales of the calendar to the Gulf Restoration Network, to help with cleanup Gulf spill crisis. Moreover, all the swimwear worn have sustainable elements like Eco Panda bikinis made from recycled nylon fishing nets as well as jewelry made from recycled glass bottles by designer Kathleen Plate of Smart Glass. The calendar comes out on Thursday, boys!

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Eco-Friendly Hotels: An Egyptian Getaway Takes You Back in Time

If you are craving to break away from the clutches of the modern world and looking to get back to where things were simple, the Adrere Amellal Desert Ecolodge is possibly one of the most perfect escapes imaginable.

Hand built out of salt brick and mud blending into the side of a majestic white mountain in Siwa, Egypt, this luxury resort will give you a feeling of what true eco living is like. Set amongst the sand dunes with absolutely no electricity, the rooms and surrounding area is only lit up by beeswax candles and the starry desert sky.

As the winner of the World Business Award for Sustainable Development, Adrere Amellal has tried to create an environment that is as natural as possible with food that is grown on the grounds or sourced locally. The property is decorated with local artisan furniture and crafts, paying tribute to nature and the native heritage.

Doing its part to help the environment Adrere Amellal uses 90% renewable energy, eco friendly cleaning products, monitors its water usage along with on-site waste water treatment and does its part to protect the local flora and fauna.

At Adrere Amellal you may not be seeing the pyramids but you will be experiencing another aspect of Egypt you can’t get anywhere else on earth.

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Gayana Eco Resort: Saving the Giant Clam

The Gayana Eco Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia is one of the few resorts that go above and beyond the standard sustainability practices that most eco-friendly hotspots do. Overlooking the China Sea and surrounded by an abundance of coral reef, Gayana is home to 7 of the 8 Giant Clams in the world.

Devoted to marine ecology this resort has created an authentic simulated habitat of eccentric fish species, their very own laboratory, coral and clam holding tanks and an edifying auditorium. And under their Giant Clam Restocking Porgramme, the endangered Giant Clams are well on their way to further reproduction.

Known as one of the best resorts in Malaysia, the Gayana Eco Resort also plays host amazing kid programs where they can get up close and personal with marine life hoping to create a future generation of marine lovers.

As a special treat to all guests, Gayana also has a Reef Regeneration Program, a nautical highlight where guests are given the honor or replanting replenished corals back to the reef of the China Sea.

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San Francisco’s Landmark Goes Green

This month the Transamerica Pyramid, aka the most famous building in San Francisco, is now one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in the United States and has achieved a LEED-Gold certification.

Green building is really taking off in San Francisco and with new aggressive green building regulations in place for new construction and large retro-fits in the city this action is the largest in the nation. This year has also brought a five-fold increase of LEED certified square footage in San Fran and now has more green buildings then New York or Los Angeles.

Amplifying the great work already happening in San Francisco with energy, water efficiency, and zero waste initiatives, the Task Force in the city recommends that commercial buildings adopt a voluntary goal: cut total energy use in existing commercial buildings 50 percent by 2030.

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Francis Ford Coppola and His Eco Friendly Resorts

If you ever plan on taking a luxury getaway once in your lifetime, eco-friendly or otherwise, a visit to one of Francis Ford Coppola and his wife Eleanor’s resorts is a trip that you will never forget.

With multiple luxury resorts under their belts and the recent acclimation of having the world’s best resorts in Belize and the number one resort in Central and South America (Blancaneaux Lodge), the Coppola’s not only know how to create a great wilderness escape but also honor the role as that of a conservator in preserving the pristine environment.

Blancaneaux Lodge, located in jungles of the sprawling Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in western Belize, is the first of their resorts to be created after discovering it was similar to the same paradise Francis enjoyed in the Philippines during the shooting of ‘Apocalypse Now’. This Lodge prides itself on being completely self sustaining with energy used thought their hydro-electric plan that harnesses the energy of th Privassion Creek, which the property is located on.

Complete with an three acre organic garden which 80% of all produce at their restaurants on site use, as well as support for the local community businesses make the Blancaneaux Lodge not only a great place to enjoy the local culture but a fabulous food lovers paradise.

Turtle Inn, the second resort in the Coppola’s collection, built along Belize’s sunny southern coast, was recently re-built in 2001 after it was swept out to sea by the forces of Hurricane Iris. Eleanor turned this disaster into a triumph by creating the buildings to blend into the natural environment using low profile, environmentally sound designs, thatch, hardwoods, pine and bamboo, along with regionally produced tiles.

To learn more about these resorts, their sustainable practices and look into booking your next vacation check out the Francis Coppola Resorts website and let your daydream of a tropical getaway begin!

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Kind: A New Eco-Friendly Online Boutique

Fashonistas are going to love Kind, an awesome new online boutique that specializes in eco friendly goods.
Kind has a great range of products for sale from sustainable fashions, vintage finds, beautiful vegan friendly shoes to non toxic nail polish. And with a whole host of great contributing designers like Bodkin and Linea Cart, every girl is sure to find something they love.

They just had their grand opening on November 25, 2009 so be sure to check them out and join in on their opening celebration!

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‘Terminator: Salvation’ an Eco-Friendly Movie

The new Terminator: Salvation movie has been getting a lot of attention and although critics aren’t overly enthusiastic about the flick, audiences will be storming the theaters this weekend to catch Christian Bale in the post-apocalyptic flick about machine mischief.

The good news about this movie is that the film’s director, McG, went all-out to make the movie as eco-friendly as possible.

“We were wildly green, left almost no carbon footprint,” said McG to MNN. “Our production team was very insistent upon recycling and repurposing sets, recycling all the paper. We tried to leave as minimal a footprint as possible. I think we made a lot of strides in that respect. In fact, we were recognized by the New Mexico governor’s office for doing a good job.”

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Ninjas Blog Live from ‘Epic’ Vancouver’s Sustainable Living Expo

VANCOUVER, Canada —  the home city of the 2010 winter Olympics and what the city’s mayor hopes will become the world’s greenest city, hosted Western Canada’s only green consumer tradeshow and eco-marketplace this weekend. Yes, the city which serves as home base to the Ninja Network became a hub of green living excitement when more than 300 exhibitors gathered at the beautiful Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver’s newest and greenest convention centre, to share their ideas, inventions and products with environmentally-conscious consumers.

This place had it all. From speakers including Vancouver’s mayor, Gregor Robertson, economist Mark Anielski and author Stacy Malkan, the founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, to a ‘Sustainable Sips’ mixology class at the EPIC Tasting Lounge.

As well as checking out the latest in cool gadgets, jewelry, shoes, foods and eco-friendly clothing, shoppers could also test-drive Toyota or Lexus Hybrids. The companies showcased the upcoming Hybrid models not on the market yet including the all-new third generation Prius, the all-new Lexus RX450h and the Lexus HS250h.

One cool booth we visited was BuenoStyle, whose designer, Christi Jessica York showcased her vintage, hand-made jewelry. York uses vintage and reclaimed material in her designs, which produces a smaller “footprint” than purchasing something new.

We also paid a visit to Green Gal, who was selling her line of eco-tuplip capris, coffee-cuffs and eco-forever dresses, which wraps in 20 or more different ways.

Multiple car companies were on-hand to showcase their latest eco-friendly models, as well as car sharing networks – which offers city dwellers who don’t own a car, and alternative to buying a car, public transportation or expensive car rental services. With car sharing networks, members rent vehicles at low cost on a semi long-term basis. If you are among those city dwellers who only drive a few times in a month, then a car sharing network might be just the ticket.

Some of Vancouver’s top chefs were also on-hand to prepare world-class sustainable cuisine on the EPIC Cooking Stage. Overall, we give the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo two thumbs up.

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Eco-Friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of the year again. That time when you think about Mommy and how awesome she is.

And lucky for you, we’re doing the work for you by finding the greenest ways to tell you mom she rocks. There’s no better way to show your mom you love her than with Organic and eco-friendly flowers, gadgets or jewelry. For plant life and flowers, you can find everything you need at and they deliver in time for Mother’s Day.

If she’s the kind of woman who already has everything, donate to her favorite eco-charity. It could be a simple planting a tree, funding environmental research or helping out those furry friends over at the WWF.

If your mom is tech-savvy, check out all the enviornmentally-friendly gadgets over at Ecotech. If she likes bling, there’s also Pueblit, who design, distribute and wholesale eco friendly fair trade jewelry handmade by artisans in South America, using earth friendly and biodegradable materials.

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