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Mass Save Appliance Rebate Program Launches on Earth Day

The Mass Save Rebate Program in Massachusetts for people who are looking to trade in their old appliances for new, energy-efficient models, has launched today, which coincides with Earth Day, April 22. Opening at 10 a.m., the site has been experiencing server difficulties due to traffic overload.

A spokeswoman for the state Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs says officials are in touch with the web site operator about the problem, and is encouraging people to keep trying.

The original website keeps crashing, but a new website has been set up, and this one seems to be working well.

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Happy 40th Anniversary, Earth Day!

People all over the world are celebrating the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with a fresh enthusiasm to protecting and preserving the environment. The first Earth Day took place in the United States on April 22, 1970.

In America, the Obama administration is marking the anniversary with a week of events throughout the country. President Barack Obama is hosting an Earth Day reception with environmental leaders in Washington.

This year also marks the 40th birthday of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and 40 years of the Clean Air Act.

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NHL Playoffs Meets Earth Day Via Consol Energy Center

I must admit that I was not the happiest person to hear that the Pittsburgh Penguins new arena was going to be called the “Consol Energy Center.”

With all the steps that Pittsburgh was making to shred itself of the smoky steel city image, having a coal company for the name of the new arena was not something that I was excited about. While I am still not happy about it, I have some reason to at least tolerate the decision now after an announcement made today.

It was announced today that the new arena is aiming to be the very first LEED Gold certified hockey arena in the National Hockey League as well as one of the first in the entirety of Professional sports.  The arena is scheduled to be open for the 2010-2011 season.

This is something that will really show the country that Pittsburgh is taking the initiative to make sustainability take the center stage. Pittsburgh is already home to the first LEED Gold certified convention center in the country.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl had this to say about the announcement, “This sends the message to residents and Penguins fans across the nation that we are the black, gold, and green City.”  I couldn’t agree more.

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Earth Day Facts

People across the world have been celebrating Earth Day since 1969, when plastic factory worker John McConnell, proposed the idea. Now, 175 countries – over one billion people – are thinking green thoughts each April 22.

In 1970, angered by an oil spill, Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) asked Congress to make Earth Day official.

Today, the organizers of Earth Day, Earth Day Network, have launched a new campaign to create a “Green Generation,” asking people to create a billion acts of grees, be it recycling, planting a tree, changing out lightbulbs, or any action taken to better the earth.

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Oprah to Air Earth Day Special

Oprah Winfrey will air her special green episode in celebration of Earth Day tomorrow. On the show, Oprah will spotlight trash disposal, ocean pollution, and offer viewers tips for going green.

“In honor of our Earth, I love her, I’m asking all of you today to implement just one green idea to help the fight against global warming,” Oprah says.

Oprah was voted greenest celebrity in the world alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in a poll by and It was found that Mariah Carey was the least environmentally friendly celebrity, who constantly flies her personal trainer from the Caribbean to New York to keep her in shape.

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Price is Right to Give Green Prizes for Earth Day

Earth Day is just two days away, and word is that Drew Carey and the folks over at The Price is Right will be going all-out with their eco-friendly prizes.

Actor/activist Ed Begley Jr. will join Carey to introduce a showcase that includes an electric bike, golf cart and Toyota Prius hybrid car. Wednesday’s show will also feature green prizes including eco-friendly gadgets like cell phones made of recycled materials, solar charging equipment and vacations paired with donations to offset carbon emissions.

“More than ever there are things that we can do that are really simple to do,” Barbara Bloom, senior vice president of daytime for CBS told the AP. “We can do that as people who supply entertainment. We are a powerful tool for messaging. I just wanted to remind people that it’s very easy to keep this in your consciousness as you go through your life.”

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Happy 420 Day

Oh Arnie is a man of the Earth. He not only loves his eco-friendly vehicles, but he also loves his wacky tabbacy. Yes, bust out the twizzlers, kids – it’s 420!

According to the editor of High Times, Steven Hager, the term “420” originated in 1971 at San Rafael High School,  among a group of Dazed and Confused-like pot-smoking students who called themselves the Waldos. They coined the  term to reference the time of day when they would meet up to smoke pot.

Naysayers to this theory claim that 420 originated from a police dispatch code that identified pot smokers. Yet another theory suggests that 420 originated from Hitler’s birthday. Rather than feeling creepy about the Nazi’s April 20 birthday, pot smokers decided to turn their frowns upside down by using the day for a celebration of peace, freedom and Funyuns.

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Omaha To Host UN World Environment Day 2009

On June 5th, World Environment Day, Omaha, Nebraska will play host to the United Nations Environment Program. A number of organizations and individuals in Omaha will work with the United Nations Environment Program Regional Office for North America to organize events for World Environment Day, as well as a large number of activities for the month and a half between Earth Day on 22 April and World Environment Day.

Amy Fraenkel, director of UNEP’s North American Regional Office, which is based in based in Washington, DC was quoted as saying “While UNEP thinks globally, we must act locally by engaging partners from all sectors of society, including cities, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, youth, and the media. It is important to bring this message to all parts of the United States, and we are proud to be partnering with the City of Omaha on World Environment Day 2009.”

UNEP told the Omaha World-Herald local newspaper that Omaha was chosen because of its location in the American heartland and because of the activities of the Green Omaha Coalition, which promotes a more sustainable city. The theme for World Environment Day 2009 is Your Planet Needs You – UNite to Combat Climate Change.

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