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Another Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf of Mexico

Emergency personnel aboard four boats, two planes and seven helipcopters are racing to the scene of yet another oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

This latest oil rig disaster is off the central coast of Louisiana approximately 80 miles south of Vermilion Bay, just west of the BP oil rig disaster that caused the devastating oil spill which began last April.

This most recent blast was reported at 9:30AM CDT this morning by a commercial helicopter. While all 13 oil rig crew members were apparently in the water after the explosion, there was only one injury and no deaths.

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Kevin Coster Looking for Help with Oil Spill

Kevin Costner’s oil skimming technology that successfully separates oil and water called “liquid-liquid separation centrifuges,” can process 200 gallons of contaminated ocean water each minute. Yeah. Minute!

Costner founded and funded Ocean Therapy Solutions and parent company Blue Planet Solutions which manufactures the contraptions and now, the actor is looking for some business partners. Costner got an approval in June to place 32 of his machines into the Gulf of Mexico and is now looking for help while attending ONS 2010, an oil and energy industry panel in Stavanger, Norway. Costner hopes to find business partners that will help him to propel his technology forward.

As well as working with his brother Dan on the technology, Coster also donated a whopping $26 million to the clean-up efforts.

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Sexy NFL Cheerleaders Help BP Oil Spill: ‘Saving the Oceans’ Calendar

The NFL’s most eco-friendly cheerleaders are coming out with their third annual Saving the Oceans calendar. So if you like swimwear worn by NFL cheerleaders and saving the planet, this might just be the ticket for you.

The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders will donate 10 percent of sales of the calendar to the Gulf Restoration Network, to help with cleanup Gulf spill crisis. Moreover, all the swimwear worn have sustainable elements like Eco Panda bikinis made from recycled nylon fishing nets as well as jewelry made from recycled glass bottles by designer Kathleen Plate of Smart Glass. The calendar comes out on Thursday, boys!

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Hurricane Alex Update

Residents of the Gulf Coast are reeling after two tornadoes touched down in southern Texas on Wednesday. Thankfully, no injuries were reported from the twisters near Brownsville, but some damage was reported. Meanwhile, Hurricane Alex gained strength Wednesday afternoon as it continued churning in the western Gulf of Mexico – and is heading toward northeastern Mexico and southern Texas.

Although scientists have said the weather could actually help break up the oil, skimming efforts off the coasts of Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi had mostly stopped.

“The sad thing is that it’s been about three weeks since we had any big oil come in here,” marine science technician Michael Malone said. “With this weather, we lost all the progress we made.”

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Hurricane Alex to Hinder Oil Spill Cleanup

Can you believe it? We have hit day 71 of the tragic oil spill that continues to pump up to 60,000 barrels of crude a day into the Gulf. And now containment efforts are being threatened by Hurricane Alex, the season’s first tropical storm predicted to turn hurricane strength later today. Giant wind gusts and turbulant seas will have a huge impact on the clean-up and containment efforts.

Alex has already claimed the lives of at least 10 people in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador.

BP says the leak will be plugged completly by August. Alex was forecast to move slowly away from the Yucatan Peninsula over southern Gulf waters and head northwest away from major oil-extraction facilities and is expected to hit northern Mexico mid-week.

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Brad Pitt to Make BP Oil Spill Movie

If you think the BP oil fiasco hasn’t been dramatic enough – Brad Pitt thinks he can bring more drama by bringing it to the big screen. The thing that’s a bit confusing is usually a story arch has a beginning, a middle and an end. So far, the crisis in the golf hasn’t seen the end.

Sources are saying that Pitt is talking with Hollywood execs about creating a Gulf oil spill movie. No word on whether the flick has been green lit by execs.

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BP Stock Drops to New Low as Oil Spill Cleanup Bills Mount

Today, the financial effect of the catastrophic disaster that is the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began to rear its ugly head when BP’s stock plummeted to a 14-year low.

Moreover, those who have their livlihoods at stake, including fishermen, businesses and property owners have complained that their claims have seen huge delays, excessive paperwork and poor payouts that have put them on the edge of bankruptcy.

Stock has plummeted today, making the oil giant valued less than its assets since  investors deserted BP amid fears that the company might be forced into bankruptcy with the  mounting cleanup costs, penalties, damage claims and lawsuits generated by the biggest oil spill in U.S. history.

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