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Molly the Cow to Live Happily Ever After

We are thrilled to report that Molly the cow has found a safe home as well as a new boyfriend!

If you hadn’t heard the news, a cow escaped from a New York City slaughterhouse on Wednesday afternoon.

The black heifer roamed the streets of Queens for nearly a mile before police captured it an hour later and took it to an Animal Care and Control center, where it was nicknamed Molly. The fate of Molly was unclear, however New York Animal Control confirmed that Molly the cow has found a new home at a 60-acre Long Island organic farm and will escape the cleaver.

“She is here with her new boyfriend,” said Rex Farr, who owns The Farrm with his wife. “She can eat some good organic hay and hang around with a lot of her friends. She can eat and sleep for the rest of her life. She is not going anywhere. The bottom line is she will have a very good home.”

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Obama Says ‘No’ to Legalization of Marijuana

Barack Obama has lost some friends today, Cheech and Chong specifically, announcing a firm stance that legalizing then taxing marijuana sales will not help fix the teetering U.S. economy.

At an online townhall meeting, President Obama revealed that the idea was a favorite among the 100,000 questions submitted on the White House website.

“I have to say that there was one question that was voted on that ranked fairly high, and that was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy and job creation,” he said. “And I don’t know what this says about the online audience. This was a fairly popular question. We want to make sure that it was answered.”

Recently, a California congressman has been pusing a bill, AB 390, which would regulate marijuana like alcohol, with people over 21 years old allowed to grow, buy, sell and possess it. Congressman Ammiano argued that by legalizing and taxing the recreational use of marijuana, the move could pump more than a billion dollars a year into the state.

Obama admitted in his autobiography to experimenting with drugs in his heyday. However, when reporters asked White House press secretary Robert Gibbs as to whether the administration might one day decide to legalize marijuana, Gibbs was firm about the issue.

“The president opposes the legalization of marijuana,” Gibbs said. “He doesn’t think that’s the right plan for America.”

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Jake Gyllenhaal Gardens for National Green Schools Initiative

The hunky, blue-eyed babe that is Jake Gyllenhaal is lending his celebrity for the National Green Schools Initiative, lending a hand to plant a garden during Green Service Day at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles last month.

Gyllenhaal joined Global Green USA President Matt Petersen for the launch of the National Green Schools Initiative.

Gyllenhaal said, “What I learned is that something like this is possible. There are so many things that I’ve thought of [including making] gardens like this. I had always thought this is possible on a mass scale. This is possible within a massive city like Los Angeles!”

Check out Jake and Matt Petersen below:

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Global Warming Changing Soil Composition

Researchers at the University of Toronto have published findings in the science journal, Nature Geoscience, that show global warming actually changes the molecular structure of organic matter in soil.

“Soil contains more than twice the amount of carbon than does the atmosphere, yet, until now, scientists haven’t examined this significant carbon pool closely,” says M J. Simpson, Ass. Professor of Environmental Chemistry at UTSC. “Through our research, we’ve sought to determine what soils are made up of at the molecular level and whether this composition will change in a warmer world.”

Organic matter is what makes soil fertile and able to support plant life, an essential for agriculture. Organic matter holds water in the soil and prevents erosion and the processes of decomposition of soil organic matter provide plants and microbes with the energy source and water they need to grow, and carbon is released into the atmosphere as a by-product of this process. Warming temperatures are expected to speed up this process which will increase the amount of CO2 that is transferred to the atmosphere.

“From the perspective of agriculture, we can’t afford to lose carbon from the soil because it will change soil fertility and enhance erosion” says Simpson. “Alternatively, consider all the carbon locked up in permafrost in the Arctic. We also need to understand what will happen to the stored carbon when microbes become more active under warmer temperatures.”

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Farming Soils for CO2 Storage

An innovative type of farming is being tested by scientists at the US Geological Survey and UC Davis. A type of farming that will produce soils that can store carbon dioxide.

There’s a project in the San Joaquin Valley River Delta that starting planting wetland plants in 1997. By 2005, 10 inches of peat soil was produced through the plants growing, dying, composting, and regrowing. The experiment has shown that up to 25 metric tons of CO2 annually can be stored in an acre of peat. It would take a whole lot of acreage, but for instance if California restored all the subsided lands in the Delta and made them carbon farms, the lands could store enough carbon to equate trading all the SUVs in the state for hybrids.

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