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Save Money on Gas and Reduce Air Pollutants

Tips to Save Money On Gas

Over the past few years, automakers have been hard at work producing better fuel economy performance vehicles to limit climate pollution. By 2025, the Environmental Defense Fund hopes all cars and trucks get over 50 miles per gallon, a feat that will not only save drivers money, but also drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In the meantime, there are things you can do as a driver to get the most out of your car. As we all know, the current cost of gas isn’t cheap. If you’re commuting to work every day, you could be spending up to $75 just to fill your tank each week! The good news? There are things you can do as a driver to help you save money on petrol and help pave the way for cleaner air:

Turn off your air conditioning. This may be tough in hot temperatures, but turning off your vehicle’s air conditioning can help you save on petrol. Roll down your windows when driving and park in shaded areas so the inside of your car doesn’t attract the sun.
Lose weight. The more your vehicle weights, the more petrol it needs to burn. Empty out your trunk or remove any heavy objects from your back seat to cut back on weight — chances are your car is pulling more weight than it needs to.
Find a new route. You always want to find the shortest route to your destination, but not if it includes heavy traffic and lots of traffic lights. Getting caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic is the easiest way to waste petrol. Fuel-saving devices such as a GPS can help you find the best, and shortest, route.
Drive slower. This may be tough for some, but driving at fast speeds drastically increases your fuel consumption. Try to stay at or a bit below the speed limit to improve fuel economy for your vehicle.
Carpool. The easiest way to save on gas and reduce air pollutants? Don’t drive as often! If your coworkers live nearby, see if they want to carpool to work so everyone can save on gas.

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