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Globama Campaign for Solar White House Heats Up

White House

After Jimmy Carter installed 32 solar panels in the White House – only to be uninstalled by Ronald Regan in the 1980s, Ecorazzi is reporting that the Globama campaign is urging Obama to undo Regan’s handy work.

And talk about recycling! Obama could haul the solar panels out of storage and just reinstall them.

Moreover, Sungevity and other solar companies have also offered to install rooftop solar panels at no cost. Author Bill McKibben is taking matters into his own hands. On September 7, he’ll arrive in D.C. with a group of green activists to hand-deliver an original Carter administration solar panel to the White House. Here’s hoping they get the memo!

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  1. Bree Grubel Says:

    We just installed an array of solar panels at our home in AZ. So far the conversion to solar energy has been effortless.

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