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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Review: Pink Solution

Pink Solution

So when we, the Sustainability Ninjas decided to start doing product reviews, the first product that came to mind was Pink Solution. My mother-in-law swears by the stuff and I’d always wanted to try it. The Pink Solution people were nice enough to send us a sample of their products, which could not have arrived at a more appropriate time. Firstly, with a baby on the way we’ve been trying to sell our one-bedroom condo and have been having regular open houses. Regular open houses means regular (nightmare) cleanings of our place – and being pregnant, I’ve been starting to worry about the chemicals, like ammonia, in the cleaners we’d been using and was looking to switch over to a safer product like Pink Solution, a natural enzyme cleaner. So we were lucky enough to have the Pink Solution arrive just in time for a major clean.

Now you might think I’m stretching the truth for effect, but I kid you not, a few minutes later we got another package in the mail full of baby clothes I’d gotten at my baby shower while visiting my mother. We noticed immediately that the box was wet with some sort of oily substance. Now, my mother is an awesome lady and all, but she has this terrible habit of being a royal space cadet and had decided to include a bottle of liquid vitamin supplements for my dog that had fish oil as the prime ingredient. Naturally, she (bless her heart) hadn’t closed the lid properly and the supplement – which must hold the title for the greasiest, rankest substance ever invented – ended up spilling out and coating almost everything. When we opened the box, the stench of fish almost knocked us off our feet. Even the clothes that weren’t saturated in the greasy oil still reeked of fish.

And so it was clear: Pink Solution was seriously going to be put to the test.

For the clothes that were stained with the bright yellow fluid, we treated them first with the Pink Solution Laundry Bar, which is apparently six times stronger than Pink Solution and contains Borax. We then threw all the clothes in the bathtub, ran warm water and mixed it with Pink Solution. We let it all soak for a half-hour or so, and let’s put it this way: words can’t explain how thrilled I was to put the clothes up to my nose after they’d been soaking and not smell fish. The bright yellow stains had also disappeared. And thus, it was official. Pink Solution saved our baby from spending her first few months of life smelling like a rotting piece of halibut.

We were so excited that I decided to try out the third product they’d sent us, Mother’s Choice, a non-toxic, organic and bio-degradable oven cleaner. Now I am embarrassed to admit it that we are among the annoying people whose smoke alarm goes off during every oven use, due to the burned crusties on the bottom we’ve been too lazy to clean. However with little effort, Mother’s Choice removed the baked-on oven grime and rust stains that had been there for years.

Reading the instructions, the thing that is most impressive about this environmentally-friendly cleaning product is that you don’t have to worry. Pink Solution contains no harmful chemicals, and is non-caustic. If our dog were to lick an area that had been cleaned with Pink Solution, it would be harmless. (Apparently, some people use it to clean their cats.) Your kid could basically eat the paste and you wouldn’t be frantically calling poison control. And the fact that it works better than those hardcore ammonia and bleach-based products – well, that’s the bonus.

I just realized that this post kind of sounds like an infomercial and I suddenly sound a hell of a lot like Tony Little. Now those of you who may think my raving is shrouded in some sort of Pink Solution advertising deal, I honestly can’t say enough good stuff about this product and there is no Pink Solution sponsorship or endorsement shenanigans going on here. All they did was send us a sample of their product, and, well, it ended up saving us about $500 worth of baby clothes we would have otherwise had to toss out.

To get your hands on their product, head to the Pink Solution website to order online in the U.S. and Canada. Or, check this link out if you are interested in learning how to stop rusting on metal surfaces and moving parts.

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  1. Cate Says:

    After reading your post I am glad I purchased this at Costco a few days ago. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Deb Says:

    We bought Pink Solution at Costco and last week I cleaned by grout with it and it came up like new. My husband mixed it in a carpet steam cleaner our family room carpet came out perfect. This stuff really does work.

  3. Gordon Says:

    I used this product on a red wine stain on our boat for 2 years. I purchased it at the Port Credit boat show from a company called Floatographers.

  4. Heather Brown Says:

    I have just purchased a new Kenmore front loading washing machine. It requires an H2 approved laundry detergent or the warranty will be void. Does Pink solution meet these standards? I look forward to your reply.

  5. jayne Says:

    My daughter spilled some nail polish on the carpet and I thought I would give it a try. Wow. I rubbed some pink solution on and it came right out. I was thrilled and very surprised.

  6. Billie Says:

    We have tried this product for laundry and no matter how heavy a solution I use it does not get jean or socks or stained clothes clean. I use bleach with it for whites but everything else just comes out half clean and dull. Obviously one can’t rub all ones laundry with the bar to ensure it is doubly “soaped”. Any ideas?

  7. david Says:

    we purchased one of those big tubs of the stuff after a friend strongly recommended the product. after trying it in different situations, we have gradually shifted back to our old products.

    in an effort to use this stuff up, we have been using pink solution for our laundry for the past two months. to be honest, it is hard to tell if it is very much better than just water.

    for cleaning our floors, we just use water and vinegar. for dusting, just a damp cloth.

    this product seems to have strong fans but to me, it just seems to be over-hyped with tales of crayon cleaning and spot removing.

  8. Bruce Says:

    Has anyone ever noticed a smell of popcorn/dogs feet coming from the towels or clothes. The smell is over powering and is somewhat diminished by adding bleach to the wash.
    Any ideas what makes the smell????

  9. Greenone Says:

    Pink is not really great for laundry, it does not brighten or bleach anything as it does not have brighteners or bleach in it.

    It is a very good multipurpose cleaner. We have used it on everything from the car seats, dog (skunked), vinyl siding, deck, boat and hard water stains. It is probably one of the only cleaners other than Simple Sudz that actually works.

  10. Flyttst Says:

    This post was interesting. I am looking forward for your next post. Kind regards, William Ker @ Flyttst

  11. Lulu Nanik Says:

    Hello, when I load up posts I just wind up seeing a small part of the post. I do not know if it’s my web browser(Opera) or not, is anyone else experiencing this?

  12. EVE SANDERS Says:

    We use PINK SOLUTION in our regular clients homes. You’ll need to experiment with different mix ratios to get the desired effects — for sure great all purpose cleaner.

  13. Lin Leeming Says:

    I notice that there is no mention of this product being ok to use to clean painted walls. Is it OK?

  14. Brenda Morton Says:

    Just used Pink Solution to clean my aluminum railing and glass around my deck and my wood deck. I have a stream and a large # of trees in my back yard so the railing, glass and deck are a disgrace every spring. It cleaned the glass and railing “hot dam”, I was amazed as I’ve had this product since it was called “Quick ‘n Bright”. Now I need to buy some more, also did the aluminum window casings, great job on the boat for all the black mold and green mildew.

  15. Greenone Says:

    Yeah, now that you mention Quick n Bright it does remind me of those days. Also anyone who has used Orvus paste may recognize that it looks similiar and tends to melt like Orvus when in the heat.
    The problem was SLS. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. A lot of producers had to eliminate it in their products due to consumer demand as it penetrates the skin very easy.

    Quilt makers used Orvus as it easily removes stains from fabrics quite easily.

  16. susan baker Says:

    I have tried PINK and I went to buy it at my local Costco but I understand I need to find out when a road show is scheduled in my area.
    Please let me know
    Susan Baker

  17. Sue Young Says:

    I love the stuff. It Cleans Everything amazingly well. I always feel like an infomercial when I talk about what a great product it is.. And it is so harmless…eco friendly… don’t get me started!

  18. Lyn Says:

    It worked great on the mirrors and glass!
    But I’m not sure about the other stuff, because I used the Light Mix for the mirror. And I’m trying to clean my micro-wave oven and it won’t work w/ the light mix. Would I have to use the Hard one?

  19. Melissa Says:

    I was told when it comes to laundry to use half of your regular laundry mix and half of the Pink Solution. So you are using less laundry detergent and still getting the desired effect of great clean clothes. :)

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