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Video: Flying Elephant PSA

We had no choice but to post this video of an elephant landing like a dumbo jumbo jet. The youtube description says it’s a PSA warning people about the dangers of importing foreign animals into a country, but we felt the need to post it to just warn people about the dangers of giant flying pacoderms. Consider yourselves warned!

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  1. Susan Says:

    I think it’s about time something was done about this! I think they-these people, are dumbo’s… Many of these animals need their own climate & surroundings. Others bring these animals back & try to acclimate them and it doesn’t always work. Yes, they are cute, but not an appropriate pet. Unless it has stemmed from a particular situation, from where it came, like if it HAD to be rescued, it may make it more suitable for a placement, or adoption. then, I believe, there should be some sort of panel of-sorts, that would watch over and monitor the adjustment of the animal to the “new home”, to insure the safety of the animal, and the new handler/owner, and or staff, depending on the animal, and surroundings, other considerations, Laws of that city, county. etc.

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