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Religious Groups Going Green for Lent

Green Lent

Those of you who have given up chocolate, television or cursing for lent, good for you. However, many US Christians have been asked to do doing something more effective this year, something that will impact the environment rather than them personally.

Now Christians in the US who annually sacrifice something they love in the name of lent, are being asked to make sacrifices that will benefit the environment.

“It’s an insult to God, it’s a sin to spoil the environment, to hurt creation,” said Episcopalian pastor Reverend Sally Bingham, who is coordinating “The Regeneration Project,” an interfaith group of some 4,000 congregations looking for a religious response to global warming.

Christians are being called on to help reduce global warming also cut down on their Internet usage during Lent to pay tribute to the sacrifices Jesus made when he wandered the desert fro 40 days and 40 nights, beginning February 25 and ending on April 11 the day before Easter.

Green Lent was launched last year by two British Anglican bishops, who called for a “carbon fast” and asked people to either give up driving, turn down the heat or buy local.

Reverend Sally Bingham said, “We sent an email to the 30,000 people on our mailing list and we suggested tips to try to be as environmentally friendly as you can be.”

Another Catholic group, the St Paul Newman Center in Fresno, California, is organizing a “Lent program on global warming.”

“Lent is a time we focus on how we can really connect to God’s presence in our life and do something that is sacrificial. For us, it’s a look at how we care for the environment while sacrificing some comforts for ourselves,” said Mary Hetherington, who helps teach the program.

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