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British Columbia Hit with 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake West of Vancouver Island

British Columbia 5.7 Earthquake West of Vancouver Island

Just after noon Saturday British Columbia was struck with a 5.7 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Vancouver Island. The epicenter was about 170km west of Ucluelet and 337km west of the capital of Victoria on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Tanja Arsenault, a Ucluelet resident living near the beach, said she felt minimal shaking saying “it was really tiny but I felt something.” The United States Geological Survey reported the quake at 12:05pm local time. They stated “the magnitude is such that a tsunami is not expected.” Mayor Perry Schmunk of Tofino, a town close to Ucluelet, said he was on a beach when the earthquake struck but didn’t feel anything.

According to the early information from the U.S. Geological Survery, the earthquake was at a depth of 12.8km. This quake was much tamer compared to one that struck in September, 2011 where many local residents reported feeling the shacking it produced.

National Resources Canada’s website also confirms the quake.

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