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Scotland’s First Tidal Turbine Deployed

Tweet Scotland’s first commercial-scale tidal turbine is now operating just off the Orkney coast. The massive turbine stands 70 feet of the ocean floor and weighs over 1500 tons. The turbine’s developers are called Atlantis Resource Corporation and they are saying that the turbine should produce a full mega-watt of power – which is enough […]

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India’s First Tidal Power Plant Approved

Tweet India is the latest country to start using tidal power with the announcement of its first commercial scale tidal current power plant to be constructed in the Indian State of Gujarat. Following a recent economic and technical study of prime sites in the Gulf of Kutch by Atlantis Resources Corporation, which yielded the discovery […]

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Huge Hydro-Electric Tidal Energy Generator Launches

Tweet The largest hydro-electric wave energy device was launched by Queen’s University Belfast, Aquamarine Power Ltd. and the Scottish government recently. Called Oyster, it is the only hydro-electric wave energy device producing power in the world. While officially launching Oyster at the European Marine Energy Centre, Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond pointed out the many […]

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Switch Off Saturday for Earth Hour

Tweet Edward Norton appeared on the Today Show this morning to push tomorrow’s world-wide switch-off, Earth Hour. For one hour, people will make a statement that something needs to be done about climate change and that it is an issue worthy of world-wide recognition. Thus, millions of people across the globe will turn out their […]

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Wave Power Struggles to Stay Afloat

Tweet Any fledgling technology is going to have its troubles gaining ground but trying to get a foothold during an economic crisis is doubly hard. Such is the lesson currently being learned by tidal power as yet another major wave power company, Pelamis Wave Power, announces it is pulling its tidal power generators out of […]

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Winds Causing Hamptons Homes to Fall into Sea

Tweet Ahh the East End of Long Island – the Hamptons. Known for sandy white beaches, beautiful scenery, Alec Baldwin, adorable hamlets and a population of the rich and famous who own lavish, oceanfront homes – the Hamptons is a prime location for many Americans who live the dream. However, with the continual climate change, […]

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Ted Danson Urges Congress on Offshore Drilling Bans

Tweet Actor Ted Danson, a member on Oceana’s Board of Directors, was testifying before Congress on Capitol Hill yesterday about the importance of reinstating the lapsed moratorium on offshore oil drilling. Danson’s appeal came just a day after there was a review ordered on the controversial Bush Administration’s plan to open vast tracts of the […]

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Tidal Power Getting Mapped in Scotland

Tweet Our friends at Eco Geek are reporting that the Scottish government is investing in the mapping of potential sources of tidal power. The project is being called the Marina Spatial Plan and will map the tidal and wind energy of the northern parts of Scotland. It will also go the extra step of analyzing […]

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Lockheed Martin Building Commercial Wave Farm

Tweet Lockheed is partnering with wave power company Ocean Power Technologies to develop a utility-scale project off the coast of California or Oregon. Lockheed will construct and run the project while Ocean Power will provide its Powerbuoy generators. OPT’s PowerBuoy system extracts the natural energy in ocean waves, and is based on the integration of […]

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Eco Books For Kids

Tweet What could be more valuable than teaching kids about the importance of the natural world that they live in? When they’re just toddlers is the ideal time to start teaching children about endangered animals, the planet and sustainability. From an early age they can start forming healthy and eco-friendly habits, and develop a real […]

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