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Pepsi’s 100% Plant-Based Bottle

PepsiCo Inc has revealed their new eco-friendly bottle, which is made entirely of plant material. The bottle is made from switch grass, pine bark, corn husks and other materials. Pepsi plans on using peels, oat hulls, potato scraps and other organic waste from its food business to manufacture these bottles as well. The soda giant […]

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Design Suzy Amis-Cameron’s Eco-Friendly Oscar Dress

It’s no secret that James Cameron is ecolicious and now, just in time for the upcoming Oscars, his lovely wife Suzy Amis Cameron is having another green competition for green designers to design her a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly dress to be worn on the red carpet. The competition, entitled Red Carpet, Green Dress, also raises money […]

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Organic Wool Pillows

If you’re looking for a good nights sleep that doesn’t involve resting your head on a cotton sheet stuffed with goose down, then you should take a look at these organic pillows. I just recently got the one made of organic wool because they recommended it for anyone who sleeps hot, which is definitely the […]

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eBay Launches New Eco-Packaging

eBay can see themselves as a little greener today, after announcing the new “eBay Box” which is made from completely recycled materials, feature water-based inks, and are designed so as to limit the amount of tape used. According to the eBay website “if every box gets reused at least five times, we could protect nearly […]

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Sexy NFL Cheerleaders Help BP Oil Spill: ‘Saving the Oceans’ Calendar

The NFL’s most eco-friendly cheerleaders are coming out with their third annual Saving the Oceans calendar. So if you like swimwear worn by NFL cheerleaders and saving the planet, this might just be the ticket for you. The Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders will donate 10 percent of sales of the calendar to the Gulf Restoration Network, to help […]

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Woman Recycles Airplane to Build Home

Malibu resident Francie Rehwald wanted to build a house that was both eco-friendly and had curves. Her architect, David Hertz, suggested salvaging an old 747.  Hertz says he came up with the idea of using an airplane because it fit all the criteria Rehwald wanted.  “It soon became apparent, that in fact, an airplane wing itself could work,” he wrote on his […]

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Eco Spring Cleaning

This is a guest post by D. Salmons on behalf of TestFreaks. Stuck between syncmaster 2333hd and dell st2410 or looking for some other product? TestFreaks will help you to choose the right model. Ahh, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and Spring is in the air. But right on the heels of […]

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First Green Seal-Certified Hotel in the USA

Recently the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its annual 100% Green Power Purchaser list which represents organizations that buy enough alternative power to meet 100% of their entire electricity use. Many hotels made that list and the one that stands out the most is the Talbott Hotel which happens to not only be one […]

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Off the Grid Living: Life Up in the Trees

For those of you who have toiled with the idea of “off the grid” living or are in search for a simpler life or there is a special tree house community functioning in the rainforest of Costa Rica which might be right up your alley. Finca Bellavista: A Sustainable Rainforest Community is what it’s called […]

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Using Tourism to Foster Conservation: Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

Australia’s environment is one the most diverse one earth and its landscape the oldest. Two hundred years of European settlement has had a profound impact on the environment from land clearance to the introduction of invasive weeds and feral animals, impacting the country’s biodiversity. Because of this over the last 200 years Australia has the […]

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