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Where To Get a Heritage Turkey

Tweet Organic turkey is a far, far better choice this Thanksgiving, especially compared to the antibiotic-laden turkeys available at your local big box chain grocery store. In fact, those pale, plastic wrapped meatsicles can hardly be called birds. For the true sustainable Thanksgiving dinner, you must find yourself a heritage turkey. Heritage Turkeys are the […]

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Review: Pink Solution

Tweet So when we, the Sustainability Ninjas decided to start doing product reviews, the first product that came to mind was Pink Solution. My mother-in-law swears by the stuff and I’d always wanted to try it. The Pink Solution people were nice enough to send us a sample of their products, which could not have […]

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Today Show Features Green Cleaning Products

Tweet We were thrilled when we watched the Today show this morning and saw a segment entitled “Green Your Routine,” which brought attention to green cleaning products. Do you know what goes into the cleaners we all use in our homes today? If you’re trying to go green, it’s not as simple as merely looking […]

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Indoor Home Composter

Tweet Don’t have a garden to compost in? Not everyone has space for a compost heap, but all homes produce compostable waste. Want a composter in your apartment or house? We’ve taken a look around at some options for you to be able to participate in composting, even if you don’t have a backyard. Check […]

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Carbon Negative Biofuels From Wood Chips?

Tweet A new and innovative possible bio-fuel has been developed using wood chips by researchers from the University of Georgia. Little pieces of wood are heated in an oxygen-free environment to produce charcoal and gas. The gas can then be condensed into a liquid bio-oil which can then be processed into a fuel which could […]

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Rotating Drum Garden Composters

Tweet For those of us with the luxury of a backyard garden, a great idea is to do your own composting. The benefits of composting include; reducing waste sent to landfills, reducing greenhouse gases, reusing organic materials, recycling natural nutrients, and improving soil without chemicals. There are lots of companies that offer home garden composters. […]

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Organic Mechanics Soil Company

Tweet Organic Mechanics Soil Company sells premium, organic, peat-free potting soil. Organic products grown in healthy, living soil contain higher levels of nutrients, and many taste better than their conventional counterparts. Organic fruits and vegetables test at minimal or zero pesticide residue levels and, with the passage of the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) organic […]

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