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Taco Bell Meat Doesn’t Have Much Meat

Restaurant Rats

Perhaps the above photo illustrates what they’re filling their “meat” with? Taco Bell is under fire lately since it was revealed that their beef is only 35% meat.

Now a class action lawsuit has been filed in a California claiming that Taco Bell’s seasoned beef is comprised of mostly “non meat substances” including soybean oil and silicon dioxide, that wouldn’t measure up to USDA standards to be called beef.

“According to the tests that we have taken, the taco meat filling is again about 35% meat,” claims Dee Miles, an attorney representing the suit.

Taco Bell released the statement: “Taco Bell prides itself on serving high quality Mexican inspired food with great value. We’re happy that the millions of customers we serve every week agree. We deny our advertising is misleading in any way and we intend to vigorously defend the suit.”

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  1. TheBitchyWaiter Says:

    Who ever thought that meat was 100% beef anyway? I’ll still go there though since it’s so seldom.

    The truth about Taco Bell:

  2. Miranda Warner Says:

    Ok yeah this is so not true because my mom works at taco bell she is a manager and she is not working with rats she would freak out quit and run away this is so not true what they are saying corporate stores are cleaner then franchise but this is NOT TRUE so y put Taco Bell one of the best ever fast food places under stress like this

  3. Ross Wolfe Says:

    Recently I wrote a blog entry offering a leftist critique of the ideology of “Green” environmentalism, animal rights activism, eco-friendliness, and lifestyle politics in general (veganism, “dumpster diving,” “buying organic,” etc.). I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter and any responses you might have to its criticisms.

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