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Pakistan Breaks Tree Planting Record

pakistan mangroves

Three hundred volunteers in Pakistan planted 541,176 mangrove trees (by hand) in one day, subsequently breaking the Guinness World Record for tree planting. The volunteers managed to do it all without the aid of mechanical equipment. They planted the mangroves in the Indus River Delta wetland ecosystem in the Southern Sindh Province of Pakistan.

WWF awarded Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi, Pakistan’s Environment Minister, the title Leaders of the Planet, which recognizes people who are making a significant personal contribution to sustainable development and conservation of the natural world.

“This is a wonderful example of partnership between government, local communities and the private sector for a common cause, for conservation.” – Richard Garstang, head of WWF Pakistan Wetlands Program.

The previous record holder was India for most trees planted in one day was India with 447,874 trees.

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  1. Ron C Says:

    Funny thing is…..everyone talks the earth, plant a tree. Whereas I applaude this attitude, and want to join right in to do my part…..I wonder….did they have to pay for all of those saplings? I mean, here in NY, go to your local plant/tree distributor, and be ready to pay $50.00 and up for one (1) tree that is healthy enough to survive. I think if people were serious about saving the earth’s eco-system, they would make ‘em a lot cheaper so we dont have to cut down more trees to make the money we use to buy ‘em…..but that just my thought. Peace all.

  2. saleem tunio Says:

    Mangroves forests rapidly degrading in the sindh coastal area. need is to conserve it through local community participatory approaches.mangroves are the great treasure to us as well as sustains our environment and make an ecoregion for marine lives.people of jati & shabunder talukas loves it & conserve it, that feelings i myself observed during running a mangroves project with support of undp & ndma pakistan in 2008.
    so save mangroves save your environment!

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