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Hemp Houses Have Negative Carbon Footprint

Hemp Houses Have Negative Carbon Footprint

With recent research coming out of the UK that shows that houses made of hemp can actually leave a less than zero carbon footprint, it’s truly a shame that industrialized hemp is still illegal in the US.

The hemp homes used in the study were built using Hemp-lime, a lightweight composite building material made of hemp fibers which are bound together by a lime-based glue.

Since the plant stores carbon during while it grows, the lime has a very low carbon footprint, and the material has excellent insulating properties, the product actually has a combined footprint that’s actually “better than zero carbon.”

British homes will start being built with the material as soon as possible as soon as final testing is completed by a consortium out of the University of Bath.

It is truly bizarre that the US still maintains law against using industrialized hemp. The US continues to fail to make a distinction between hemp and marijuana which is ridiculous since hemp is just the general term used for plants of the Cannabis genus. Marijuana is in that genus but that doesn’t mean that all hemp can get you intoxicated. There are numerous varieties of hemp that have no drug effects but have all the incredible properties that make it such a valuable industrial plant, yet federal drug enforcement laws prohibit the growing of all Cannabis plants.

For those interested in trying to help change US policy on the use of industrialized hemp you can do so at the Vote Hemp website.

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  1. Scottlz

    April 24, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Please clarify:

    “… hemp fibers [which] are bound together by a lime-based glue.” I understood that hemp concrete was created by mixing lime with the inner, woody core (hurd) and NOT the outer bast, long fibers.

    They both have very different qualities…

  2. hannah joyz

    August 4, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    is that marijuana??????????

  3. hannah joyz alim

    August 4, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    its look like marijuana……


    August 14, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Thai Hemp Corporation is putting together experts for a So.East asia Summit.

    Are you interested ?

    The Greenman

  5. คนไทย

    November 8, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    i am but i’m no expert

  6. D.C. Milliere

    December 13, 2009 at 4:12 am


    I have done Loads of research on the subject,
    I am a well versed research scientist of the subject.

    @TheGreenMan I am Interested!!! I want a Pilot Project!!!

    @Scottlz Actually the entire plant CAN be used to make several flavors of Industrial Textiles. The Building blocks are made from the fiber and the Lime as well, Flooring and Thermal insulation are made from Hurds.

    @hannah joyz alim No, That is NOT Marijuana

    The above plant is good for many many things…
    Getting “High” is not on that list.

    If you try to smoke Industrial Hemp, it will make you sick and nauseous, you will probably vomit, much more than that, the amount you would have to smoke to get any kind of buzz, if the headache doesn’t deter you first, equates to a “joint” about the size of a telephone pole!!!!

    I’m Sending a message to congress!

    Marijuana is NOT Industrial Hemp. Period!
    The Crime is that we are not free to farm hemp as we did in the past, especially at war time!!! oh but wait just a damn minute!!! if We were already farming Industrial hemp there would be no war!!!
    There is absolutely NO REASON FOR THIS PLANT TO BE ILLEGAL!!!!
    other than it would generate wealth in America!!!
    It is insane that Farmers had to ever stop growing it!

    Someone important said some things about this very plant that I believe I should share with you all,

    “The greatest service that can be rendered to any country is to add a
    “useful plant” to its culture.” -Thomas Jefferson

    “An acre of the best ground for hemp, is to be selected and sewn in hemp and be kept for a permanent hemp patch.” – Thomas Jefferson’s Garden book 1849

    “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” – Thomas Jefferson

    This man was a beloved Former President of this Fine Nation,
    The Congress should Consider That!!!

    There is so much we as Farmers and American citizens can do!!!
    The Congress saying they don’t want to touch the subject because they don’t want to appear “Soft on Drugs” LOL Come On!!! Industrial Hemp is NOT a Drug! to believe that it is, is foolish! Im sorry but it is what it is.

    Here are a list of Further Misconceptions about this subject… just to clear up and further misconception!!!

    Common Misconceptions

    It is easy to hide marijuana plants in hemp fields.

    There are several reasons why no marijuana cultivator would risk putting their plants in a hemp field. First of all, cross pollination between hemp and marijuana would significantly reduce the potency of the marijuana plants and ruin the strains that marijuana farmers have bred for generations. Second, Hemp is grown for fiber and planted in narrow row spacing. Branching is discouraged, and the plants are not allowed to flower. Marijuana plants on the other hand are spaced wide to encourage branching, and the flower is the harvested product. Third, Hemp plants are harvested earlier than marijuana plants. The marijuana plants would not be even close to ready by the time the hemp field was harvested. Fourth, Hemp fields are under high regulation by the United Nations. A farmer growing hemp must tell the local authorities where their hemp field is so the authorities can randomly search and surveil it. Hemp farmers also have to test each individual hemp plant to be sure they meet the low THC regulations of the UN. Hemp farmers test each individual plant a number of times during it’s growth, and also following harvest. So, if someone were to try and grow marijuana in a hemp field, there strain would be ruined, their plant might not flower, they would have a better chance of being caught, and the hemp field would be harvested much too early. If they did harvest their premature plants, the smoke would not get them high. A much better place to hide marijuana plants would be a cornfield. Corn plants require similar nutrients to marijuana. They also grow tall enough to hide plants, are not kept under surveillance, and are harvested later than marijuana.Cornfields also do not have the risk of destroying the marijuana strain through cross pollination.

    Hemp is being used as a backdoor to legalize marijuana.
    Although many people who support legalizing hemp also support legalizing marijuana, most people today see hemp as the agricultural and industrial crop that it is. This misunderstanding is supported by the fact that in this country hemp is under the jurisdiction of the drug enforcement agency, even though hemp is not a drug. In other countries hemp jurisdiction is more appropriately held by health and agricultural agencies. Many farmers and agricultural industries in the United States and all over the world support the legalization of hemp.

    Hemp oil is a source of THC.

    There is only a minuscule amount of THC in hemp plants, and not a bit of it is contained in the seed. A small amount of THC is contained in the glands of the plant. It is such a tiny amount that it could not get a person high no matter how much they smoked, and UN regulations keep the amount of THC so low it can only be detected through high sensitivity testing. Making hemp illegal because of the harmless amount of THC in the plant would be like outlawing poppy seed muffins because of the tiny amount of opiates traceable through high sensitivity testing.

    Legalizing hemp would send the wrong message to children.

    The United States is already sending the wrong message to the children by treating a harmless, extremely useful, and renewable industrial crop like a dangerous drug. When children learn that the government has been lying to them about hemp, the will assume that they are also lied to about truly dangerous substances. By not making the distinction between a safe and useful plant and a harmful drug, the message we are sending to the children is that dangerous drugs like heroin, tobacco, and alcohol are no more dangerous then a hemp plant. By condemning hemp, drug enforcement agencies are undermining their credibility.
    Misconception:Hemp should be illegal because it is not economically viable.
    Reality:The only people that would use this argument would have to be incredibly ignorant about the facts of hemp. Hemp is one of the most useful and renewable resources on the planet, and has been used all over the world for many, many centuries to make tools, clothing, food, building material, fuel, and paper. Hemp also can be planted in soil that most plants would not survive in, and actually improve the soil for the next crop. Hemp grows quickly and reproduces easily, so it is almost infinitely renewable, unlike trees and oil. People are becoming more environmentally aware, and many realize that hemp alone can save the forests that are rapidly being clear-cut. Hemp can also improve air quality and war over oil because it is a safer and more renewable fuel than oil. Today the hemp market is growing rapidly. Hemp clothing and jewelry are becoming increasingly popular in American and European pop culture, and hemp cultivation has become desirable for many American farmers. Hemp is an essential resource if we plan to protect wildlife reserves from clear cutting and oil refineries. The growth of hemp was actually a patriotic war effort during World War Two because of the fact that it is so profitable. Hemp was used to treat sick and injured soldiers, to make canvas tents for troops, and many other uses.

    Everyone knows that the Medicinal grade stuff is grown Indoors and under the close supervision of a trained horticulturist; not saying that you cant grow the stuff to make you High outdoors, Because you can… But anything worthwhile on a medicinal level is definitely grown indoors. And besides, The excuse about confusion with Law enforcement?!I’m sorry if a DEA agent cant tell the difference between a dried flower and a 15 foot stalk of plant matter there is something definitely wrong there!!!
    Congress knows they will be in the shitter with the special interest groups and the oil cartels, Because of the current economic structure being set solely on petroleum based fuels, They stand to lose a load of money on it. and im sure that the foreign interests would be also upset that we wont need to be in their debt anymore.. THis is why they hold on to such a travesty of a mistake in legislation, and brush people off like we are fools! That tells you something… it tells you that they purposely don’t want us to be prosperous. and they are using this war on Drugs guise to quell the American people into believing its better to not grow a plant that can eventually free us again from the interest of foreign debt?!

    VOTE HEMP For your Children! and Your Children’s Children’s Children’s Children.
    and if that doesnt work dunp it drom airplanes!!! it will be like money falling from the sky!!!

  7. Darrell Kilgore

    August 11, 2010 at 5:53 pm

    Get the information out there.

  8. Eco Homes

    September 22, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    We need keep searching for solutions in order to help save our earth. Great hearing about this.

  9. caleb

    September 27, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    In 1619 it was Jamestown colony law that all farmer were required to grow hemp

  10. Chad Owens

    October 13, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    I search this topic for many days. From Yahoo answer and search engine,i know your blog. But… I can not access your rss feed… Something trouble? Can you fix it? Thanks. Could we do link exchange? Best Phone Life

  11. degaust

    August 13, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    can you turn hemp into marijuana?

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